Vermont is an interesting state. A place filled with a combination of old hippies, young professionals, staunch conservatives, progressives and liberals, urban homesteaders and rural farmers, and somehow most of them get along (usually). We are a neighborly state of friendly residents, it’s a state where billboards have been outlawed (unless hand-painted), and where more than 75% of the landmass is forest. It was one of the first states to outlaw slavery, the last state to get a Walmart, it hasn’t a single skyscraper but it does have the highest ratio of cows to humans in the country. We have a lot of dairy, a lot of maple (more than 50% of the country’s production) and we even have our own sea monster (“Champy”).

I moved here from neighboring New York State in the 1990’s, and have called it “home” ever since. As much as I enjoy the region I have an even greater affinity for motorcycling and film photography, both of which I’ve been doing for more than half my life. Motorcycling and photography share a common requirement, that you get out of your house and explore. This is a great region for doing just that, and this blog is for the purpose of sharing the results.