Black Agnes

At Green Mount Cemetery in Montpelier, VT lies the cursed tomb of John Erastus Hubbard (1847 – 1899), a wealthy businessman who had a copper statue erected over his resting place. The statue is named “Black Agnes” in local folklore, however the statue is actually representative of Thanatos, Greek god of the dead, created by Austrian sculptor Karl Bitter at the behest of VT governor William Paul Dillingham.

According to legend, John Hubbard was a greedy man who swindled the inheritance of his aunt Fanny Hubbard Kellogg, who had died both childless and a widow, and had left her $300,000 estate to the city of Montpelier. After staging an invalid reading of probate documents using his own duped relatives, he claimed the inheritance as his own, enraging the Montpelier city leaders and setting off a battle in court.

The grave is said to be cursed, because of Hubbard’s greed. According to legend, anyone who sits in her lap at midnight under a full moon will die within seven days. Some legends say you don’t even need to wait ’til midnight, while others claim that not only will YOU die but so will seven of your friends. One thing that is certain, everyone who comes to visit this grave site will probably sit on Agnes’ lap (how could you not?) and, most likely, won’t die within seven days. Still, the threat of the curse brings many to come see this monument for themselves, as one of the more famous Vermont haunts for over a century