Ethan Allen Tower

Ethan Allen Tower is an iconic, 40-foot stone tower atop the highest point in Burlington, VT, a site known asĀ  “Indian Rock” due to its historical use by the Abenaki to watch for Iroquois and Mohawk boats approaching from the lake. The tower was built in 1905 as a monument to memorialize the property’s celebrated original tenant Ethan Allen, who built a 300-acre farmstead here in 1787, at a cost of $2,450.

The tower can be reached by way of a short trail at Ethan Allen Park and, despite this era we live in of enforced super-safety for fear of potential lawsuit, the tower is open to the public from Columbus Day to Memorial Day. There are several “Tower Keypers,” volunteers tasked with opening the tower door in the morning and closing it at night. You can walk right up the stairs at any point during the day and take in a breath-taking 360-degree view of the entire city as well as Lake Champlain and the Adirondacks of New York.

The tower is presently closed for repairs and will open again next spring. In the meantime, here are some black & white photos I shot on a cloudy day at the end of last winter.