The Legend of Emily’s Bridge

The Gold Brook Bridge in Stowe, VT is a single-lane covered bridge built in 1844. It also has the distinction of being a haunted covered bridge. The legend of “Emily’s Bridge,” as it’s more popularly known, is set in the 1920’s (though other versions go back into the mid to late 1800’s). In the most popular version (because there are several) a teenage girl named “Emily” was to elope with her lover, and waited for him on the bridge. When he never showed up she, in a fit of desperation, hung herself from the rafters (because why not?). Stories about hearing or seeing a ghostly Emily after midnight, or the sound of Emily’s suspended body dragging across passing cars are the stereotypical hallmarks of the legend.

There is, of course, no historical record of anyone named “Emily” killing herself on this bridge. It’s still a great, classic ghost legend that brings many tourists to the site (“Be sure to go after midnight!” I am told). The telling of the tale goes back to the 1960’s or 70’s, and is one of Vermont’s most famous ghost stories.