What’s a Creemee?

Vermont is a maple and dairy state, and few roadside treats carry as much swagger as a maple creemee. “A what?” you are probably asking, “Creemee”… no “A” and no “I.” I know, it’s weird, I refused to use the word when I first moved here, but bear with me a moment.

The creemee is a soft-serve ice cream cone using a minimum of 5% butterfat base (some places serve as high as 10% butterfat), resulting in a much creamier ice cream. Naturally, the maple creemee is made using natural maple syrup. No imitation syrup, I mean there is no need, this state is practically (and figuratively) dripping with the real stuff.

Every summer riding season is punctuated several times with a stop at a creemee stand. Some of the top choices include “Village Creeme Stand” in Bristol, “Goodies Snack Bar” in Vergennes, “Burlington Bay Market & Cafe” in Burlington, “The Village Scoop” in Colchester, “Bragg Farm Sugarhouse” in Montpelier, “Tim & Doug’s Ice Cream” in Newport, “Charlotte Berry Farm” in Charlotte, ” Vermont Cookie Love” in North Ferrisburgh, and “Joe’s Snack Bar” in Jericho.